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If you have created a new and useful invention, or a new aesthetic product design, then you may be entitled to a utility patent or a design patent. Owning a patent gives you a government sanctioned monopoly to practice and monetize your invention.

At Keener and Associates our experienced patent attorneys have obtained patents for clients in a number of different arts, including mechanical inventions, machinery, consumer products, lasers, software, computer technology, medical devices, medical therapies, weapons accessories, gaming, and advanced materials.

Patent Overview


When you create a work of art, whether a film, book, painting, textbook, or a unique toy or consumer product, you have created a work that is protectable under copyright law.

Keener and Associates can help you file your copyright applications, license those copyrights, and enforce your rights against infringers.

Copyright Overview


A trademark is a word, phrase, logo, or device that acts as a source of origin for the goods or services of a company. Trademarks help consumers distinguish authentic products or services from counterfeit products or services.

We have registered hundreds of trademarks for clients and offer simple flat fee pricing for trademark prosecution. Whether you need to register a trademark, license a trademark, or enforce your rights, Keener and Associates can help.

Trademark Overview

Experienced Intellectual Property Attorneys for Smart Business Solutions

Keener and Associates focuses on providing exceptional services focused on the needs of our clients. Our firm not only provides top notch guidance and legal service, we also care about clients.  Too often we hear about law firms billing clients for simply making copies or sending emails.  Our attorneys have no minimum billable requirements and don’t need to invent work to meet hours set by senior partners.  That means less waste and fluff in invoices to clients. Contact us to see the difference today.

Protect Your Investment

Your IP is your company’s core value. That value is only as strong as the portfolio backing it up.  At Keener and Associates we can help to identify the technologies and brands that make your company unique.  We then take the steps to ensure that you own what you create and protect your niche.  A patent is not valuable if it can easily be designed around.  A trademark is no good if others can use it.  We work with clients to build the right patent and trademark portfolio to prevent others from encroaching into your area.

Monetize Your Portfolio

An IP portfolio is only good when it is being utilized correctly. Sometimes that means utilizing the assets to create a positive cash flow for your business.  Need to collect payment from infringers or turn a competitor into a licensee?  We can help with developing the right strategy to turn your IP into a source of positive cash flow.