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Fall Clean Up

A beautiful ending to yet another summer. When the leaves change colors, it is like the grand finally at the Fourth of July fireworks. Except now these leaves will fall from their trees and on your beautiful lawn.
Once again it is time for a few hours of burning calories, back breaking work and some good yard tools.
Some people say to leave them alone and let the wind blow them away. These are the people that do not have a nice lawn to begin with.
A fall clean up is very important as leaves left on your lawn over winter WILL harm or even kill the areas that they are left on.
Don’t have the time or desire to clean up those leaves ?
Then give Maple Grove Lawn a call to do your full fall clean up.
Maple Grove Lawn not only will clean up and remove the leaves from your property, we winterize your fountains and bird baths, clean out the rain gutters and then we return two more times to clean up new fallen leaves.
Maple Grove Lawn can customize a FALL CLEAN UP to fit your property and budget needs.
Our goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction.