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Spring/Summer/Fall Fertilization

Some homeowners decide at one point in their lives that they can and will handle fertilizer applications themselves. More often than not, we hear the exact same feedback from every one of these individuals when they call us for help. The wide variety and types of lawn fertilizer treatments available can be overwhelming in itself, but trying to accurately calibrate a cheap store-bought spreader to get the proper amount of fertilizer on your lawn with each application poses another challenge. In most cases, the end result isn’t even close to what they had envisioned. Maple Grove Lawn can help you make smart choices for your lawn and garden so it can flourish.

It’s important to know that fertilizers are not just plant food. They are balanced formulations of nutrients, minerals, and elements that are essential for plants to become healthy and strong. Proper timing and application techniques of these formulations are critical for strong, healthy lawns.