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Spring/Summer Weed Control

One of the main goals of lawn care is to protect against weed infiltrations. Three of the most common lawn weeds are: crabgrass, dandelions, and white clover. These weeds steal resources and nutrients meant for your lawn and can expand rapidly. One dandelion weed can produce up to 15,000 seeds, so it is easy to see how weeds can spread and take over a lawn in no time.

The biggest defense against weed infiltration is to grow your lawn as healthy and thick as possible. By growing your lawn thick and dense, it chokes out the room that weeds need to grow and take root. As part of keeping your yard healthy, it is important to make sure you fertilize regularly as well as maintain good amounts of water in the soil. Dried out soil can make it easier for weeds to take root with most yards needing at least an inch of water per week to maintain healthy levels. Lastly by mowing high, you can help create a canopy that keeps sunlight from reaching the seedling weeds.

If, despite your best efforts at keeping your lawn healthy, you still start to see the small stems of weeds creeping up through your yard, it is best to take action as soon as possible. Hand weeding lawn weeds when they are still young and haven’t started seeding can be a very efficient way to stop the spread of lawn weeds. It is important to pull these weeds before they start to seed or develop deep roots.

Common weeds include:

  • spurge
  • dandelions
  • morning glory
  • thistle
  • bentgrass
  • white clover
  • henbit
  • chickweed
  • plantain