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No matter what service we are offering our customers, Quala is dedicated to being United Truck & Car Wash. For us, that means cleaner processes, cleaning more products, maintaining a clean safety record, offering clean practices, being consistently cleaner than the competition, providing a cleaner disposal of our waste, and offering cleaner facilities for our customers and employees. Each and every day we are committed to this vision, company-wide.

United Truck & Car Wash SERVICE MAKES

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United strives to make cleaning, maintenance, rail, and industrial services convenient for our customers and sustainable for our environment. Watch our video to learn more

When you work with United Truck & Car Wash, you can throw away
your aspirin, because we will eliminate the headache of keeping
your truck fleet clean.

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Cleaner, brighter
looking trucks

Cleaner, brighter looking trucks make your company look good, but keeping them looking their best should not be a hassle. When you work with Fleet Clean for your mobile truck washing service, you not only have a great looking truck fleet, you also have peace of mind because you won’t be saddled with the headache of managing the hand washing of your trucks.

If you are currently washing your own truck fleet in house, you already know the responsibilities that come with it; ordering the right biodegradable detergents that do the job, purchasing and maintaining the equipment to do the work, making sure you are reclaiming the water so you don’t get hit with fines for improper disposal of waste water, and on and on. Then you still have to hire, train and pay for your fleet washing staff. That could get quite costly. Once they are trained, you have to supervise to ensure they are doing the job properly. Keeping your truck fleet looking good without outsourcing to a mobile truck washing company can be a chore, not to mention, costly.

Outsourcing to a Truck cleaning service is a logical alternative, but choosing the wrong truck washing company will not eliminate all your headaches. When selecting an United Truck & Car Wash, you need to be sure to look for specific attributes such as:

Scheduling on your time; when it is most convenient for
you, not on their time

Doing a complete and thorough washing of your trucks

Proper reclamation of water to be compliant with local ordinances
and to protect the environment

Timely and correct billing; make sure you’re not being billed for
vehicles which have not been washed


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