About Us

We are very honored that you are looking at Sure-Pro Lawn Care as your service provider. One of the promises that we can give you here at Sure-Pro is your guaranteed satisfaction. To us, that is not just a saying, it is what we want to give our customers when we service their yard.

Our Sure-Pro employees show up to your lawn in professional uniform ready to work. They will be respectful, friendly, and they will cut your yard in a timely manner. We us the best equipment to service your property to make it look great. If you are not satisfied with the work, we will fix it no questions asked. With our money back guarantee you can have peace knowing we will take care of our customers.

We will treat you yard like it is our own. When servicing your yard, it is important that we show up the day it is to be mowed and if weather delays occur, we contact you to let you know the situation. If your schedule day is Thursday, we will show up on Thursday to service our yard.

After each service your lawn will have been mowed, every unreached spot trimmed, we edge every two weeks, and blow off your concrete and hard surfaces clean every time.

Upon leaving your property we will check off our five point check off list, the last point being, “all gates are closed and locked.” Initial yes! Like locking your gate is important to you, it is important to us here at Sure-Pro. We understand that your pets are important to you just like our pets are important to us. Your family’s safety is our top priority to our company.

We are excited to serve our community and provide a quality service for it. We look forward to forming a relationship with you and making your yard the best in the neighborhood! We’ll see you out there! Thank you, Sure-Pro Lawn Care